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What happens when you cross a “Voice over internet Phone” with a skunk?

Oct 18, 2023
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Yes, we have had phone issues. This is a guide to other ways to contact us.

…You get stinky service!

Yes, we did have phone (Westelcom) issues.  They are now, as far as we can tell, behind us by about 3 weeks.  There were several things going on.  Unfortunately, it took a while to fix because 1. Our wonderful patients forgot to tell us 2. When they did tell us, they did not give us details 3. There was more than one issue.  We are all sorry for the issue…please don’t beat the staff.  They don’t like the phone system either!

In case that ever happens again, you can still get hold of us:

  1. We have a “Request appointment tab” on the top of our website,
  2. Email us at
  3. Come in—we love to see you!

Also, if there ever is an issue with phones, which this practice has seen plenty of, please let us know:

  1. The date and time you called
  2. The phone number from which you called
  3. What you did (tried to hit extension 3, tried to leave a message, etc).


This is the only way we can fix the issue.

By the way, during the time that our phones were down, I forgave all “no-shows” but due to the extremely high rate of “no-shows” we have had, we will need to enforce the charges moving forward.  Please call with the 48-hour window in mind if you cannot make your appointment