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Dog tired of dog allergy?

Feb 01, 2024
Scared of your dog allergy?  Get tested today!
Dr. Wendt discusses dog allergy symptoms and management.

Dog allergy is an overreaction of the body’s immune system to proteins in the dog’s skin, hair, saliva and urine. Signs of allergy to dog are the same as other allergies:

If you like me, love your dog, you will be happy to know that dog allergy can be combatted:

  • Wash the dog, ideally one to two times per week. Be careful though because if you over wash your dog, they too can get skin dryness and flaking, which is going to increase your allergic symptoms.
  • Keep your dog’s allergies under control! Dogs get skin conditions too and they can have environmental allergies.  Here again, when they are shedding more, there is more dog allergen and more allergies for you.
  • Have your dog regularly brushed to keep up with shed hair.
  • Consider getting an air purifying or modify your air conditioning units to have an air purifying unit attached.
  • Change your home HVAC filters regularly.
  • Vacuum and clean up the dog hair!
  • Try to keep the dog off the couch or at least your “favorite chair”. Have him/her sit on a special towel or dog bed instead.
  • Keep your dog out of your bed! And ideally out of the bedroom.
  • If it’s partly the dog and partly what they bring in from outdoors, consider wiping him/her down with a baby wipe when he comes indoors so he does not track in your other allergies.
  • Consider trying the over-the-counter allergy medication

If you would like a dog but have not gotten one yet, consider:

  • Getting a hypoallergenic breed. Remember, hypoallergenic is not nonallergenic so test the breed out before you fall in love with him/her.
  • Consider a poodle crossed with your favorite breed. This may lower the allergenicity. I’ve tried this and I am in love with my little hypoallergenic dog.  The bonus is that he does not shed.
  • Avoid breeds that are “highly allergic”.
  • Avoid breeds that are high shedders.
  • Avoid breeds that have a tendency for dermatitis and skin conditions. If he/she develops one, it may mean you are both miserable.

How can you be sure of your dog allergy?  Your primary care doctor can order a blood test or an Allergist-Immunologist can order a skin test, not only to dog, but all the other allergies they may be bringing in.

Finally, if all this fails, consider allergen immunotherapy or allergy shots.  Allergy shots takes your allergens, like dog, and exposes you little by little until you can tolerate a higher exposure.

If you would like to be tested for your allergies or believe you might be a good candidate for allergy shots, Dr. Wendt and the staff at Relieve Allergy, Asthma & Hives would love to help.

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