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An Injection a Week Breaks Your Allergy Streak

Jun 06, 2019
An Injection a Week Breaks Your Allergy Streak
Let’s talk about allergy shots. These are for people afflicted by seasonal, indoor, and insect sting allergies, and they’re available to help those of all ages.

Let’s talk about allergy shots. These are for people afflicted by seasonal, indoor, and insect sting allergies, and they’re available to help those of all ages.

What Are They?

Allergy shots are a form of allergy immunotherapy, which means treating or preventing a disease with the substance that create an immune response. This treatment does not take away an allergy, but instead decreases the body’s response to what it’s allergic to. It decreases sensitivity to an allergy, reduces symptoms, and reduces medications. The possibility of having to take fewer medications is enough to attract many afflicted by allergies.

How Do They Work?

To get started, a patient will first need to learn what exactly is triggering their immune response, or allergic reactions. (Learn about the type of symptoms shots can relieve here.) Skin testing will pinpoint the irritating culprits, and allow Dr. Wendt to create a treatment plan specific to you.

This process takes time. It’s not an immediate solution to your itchy, watery eyes, but it’s proven to be effective. Mayo Clinic offers some insight into what to expect as far as results go. In reference to allergies treated with shots… “They usually improve during the first year of treatment, but the most noticeable improvement often happens during the second year. By the third year, most people are desensitized to the allergens contained in the shots — and no longer have significant allergic reactions to those substances.” Yes, the shots take time. But what’s a few years of shots compared to a lifetime of symptoms and taking pills to fight them?

There are two phases of allergy shot treatment; buildup phase and maintenance phase. For the buildup phase, Dr. Wendt will create a serum based on your skin test results. This serum is made from a blend of the allergens triggering your body’s responses. She dilutes the serum down to a dose that’s safe for you, and starts your treatment there. Injections are typically given 1-2 times a week, and each dose of allergen is a little less diluted from the last. These injections are given until you achieve the maintenance phase, which when is the target dose reached. Once in the maintenance phase, the time between injections increases, and patients only need to come in every 1-4 weeks. Every patient is different, so each timeline will be unique.

Short on time, or want to reach your maintenance phase more quickly? Ask Dr. Wendt about Rapid Treatment. Essentially, this is the administration of multiple doses in one day. She will be able to guide you through this safely, if you think this is the best option for you.

Treatment for You

It’s getting hot in Arizona, and allergens are everywhere. It’s time to heat up your treatment plan too. Come in today to get started on your path to fewer symptoms.

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Dr. Wendt is also available for telemedicine appointments as appropriate. Insurance plans accepted. Call 480-500-1902 today to schedule an appointment and begin your allergy testing journey with Dr. Wendt at Relieve Allergy in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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